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Death On Pancakes
Death On Pancakes

Death Coin will be on pancakes swap very soon!

Sign up to get free DeDs and add to the liquidity pool!

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Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse
Get your trust wallet fired up and fined us on 🥞 swap! You can add liquidity or swap for some coin!

Token i.d. 0xB1eb4E3801E2d8b256d7D31e26022029eEf0E275
Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse

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Welcome to DeathClub, home of DeathCoin

I am Death, a community focused token that will be guided by our community. Our goal is to generate a community pool of DEATH to be used as a charity fund for non profit organizations, dapps, and voted on topics.

Our dapps can grow wealth, community, education, sustainability and anything else we can think of.

DeathCoin is the blood of the dapps made by our community, all dapps are taxed by the community pool.

Our eventual DEATH DAO will be the bass construct of our community, all actions will be made onchain with 0... (More)