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Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse

DM FOR TEST WALLET! (I have prefunded test net wallets)

Sorry this dapp is messed up! I need a tester to go through the porsses and see if they work or not... once they work we have the first step to our project management dapp!

This means users can sign up as a project lead that can be verified by the community.

dapps will have to be connected at some point, looking for my Dappers!
Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse

"To do" List - (Running)

Hi Team thank you all for your interest!

There are many important things that I am setting up right now that will be the basis of our activities!

  1. Update BSCscan with Icon
  2. Update coingeko
  3. Update CoinMarketCap
  4. Add source code to github
  5. Community Pool of Death (Wallet)
  6. Solidify connections with new members ^-^

For any suggestions, please comment below!

Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse
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