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Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse
To all new members, WELCOME! We are the grass root community you have been looking for!
DM me for any questions you may have, I will respond withing 12 hours!
Death Death Squad
Herald of the apocalypse

White Paper - Community Built

(Feel free to suggest changes and updates for the white paper as we move on)

Token: Death

Ticker: Dead

Adress: 0xB1eb4E3801E2d8b256d7D31e26022029eEf0E275

Governed by: Vote, non custodial project.

Public figure: Death(account will be turned over to the community)


Total supply before community pool drop: 295,408,296


A charity focused token that will be guided by our community.

Our Goals:

Generate a community pool of DEATH to be used as a charity fund for non profit organizations, dapps, and voted on topics(disaste relief and more)

We dedicat our time to teaching at-risk populations how to develop on the blockchain.... (More)